Indian Health Care Resource Center
  • Vision
    The vision of IHCRC is to eliminate health disparities, expand innovative family-focused practices and promote an embracing approach to care that strengthens physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness within the Indian community.
  • Mission
    The mission of the Indian Health Care Resource Center of Tulsa, Inc. (IHCRC) is to provide quality, comprehensive health care to Tulsa area Indian people in a culturally sensitive manner that promotes good health, well being and harmony.
  • Health Prevention Goal
    The long-term health prevention goal of IHCRC is to improve general health status and reduce the incidence and severity of chronic disease by engaging the Indian community in ongoing health promotion, prevention and disease management programs.
  • REACH for Fitness
    REACH for Fitness is a physical activity program for Native American children and families. REACH is designed to reduce the risk for diabetes and heart disease in the Native American population through physical activity programs and education about nutrition and healthy lifestyles.

    Children are involved in physical activity programs and fitness assessments to monitor their progress during school and after-school programs. Most REACH programs are offered to participants at no cost.

    For the past four years, IHCRC's REACH program has maintained a unique relationship with Tulsa elementary schools to integrate health, fitness and nutrition concepts into the curriculum and school day. In 2003, IHCRC's REACH program was recognized as a special "Partners in Education" program by the Tulsa Metro Chamber. REACH is designed to reduce the risk for diabetes and heart disease in the Native American population, by encouraging increased physical activity and improved nutrition in Indian children and youth. The REACH program is funded in part with a grant from the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

    Kids, parents, and other family members can participate in REACH simply by signing the consent forms, and keeping an activity log. Patients of IHCRC can utilize the services of the Dietitian and Exercise Specialist to assist with healthy lifestyle changes.

    Please call (918) 382-1220 for more information.

    The Oklahoma Native American REACH initiative will support local efforts to address and overcome the unique causes of health disparities among the American Indian population in the Southern Plains Area of Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas. The funding will be used to address cardiovascular disease and diabetes through training and policy changes focusing on reducing risk behaviors related to physical activity, nutrition, breastfeeding, and tobacco cessation. Read the complete story in the Dec-Jan. issue of the IHCRC Healthy Spirit Dec.- Jan. newsletter page 15.

    The Wellness Camp used the CATCH (Coordinated Approach To Child Health) curriculum to promote physical activity, healthy food choices and prevent tobacco use in elementary school-aged children.

    By teaching children that eating healthy and being physically active every day can be FUN, the CATCH Program has proved that establishing healthy habits in childhood can promote behavior change that carry into adulthood.

    The CATCH physical activity programs taught children a variety of motor skills and movement concepts, such as throwing, catching, kicking, striking with racquets, dodging, transferring weight, balancing and rhythm skills. We use the CATCH curriculum to help Indian children learn about becoming physically fit for the rest of their lives.

    For on next summer's camps call the IHCRC camp staff at 588-1900 ext. 2279 or 382-1220 or email
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