Hall of Fame

2018 Inductees

2017 Inductees
​​Billy Tubbs, Carl Morton, Cathey Durbin Barkley, Daniel Ford, David Vickers, HJ Green, Julius Pegues, Jackson Todd, LaNita Luckey, Nate Harris, Shea Seals, Wally Maurer

2016 Inductees
Anthony Bowie, Michael Bolton, Bruce Humphrey, Brandon Loyd, Ernie Jones, Gil Cloud, John Henry Ward, John Starks, James Furch, Kathy Kraft West, Richard Calmus

2015 Inductees
Eddie Sutton, Doug Dugger, Art Williams, Jill Most, Robert Sprague, Mike Mims, Neal Mask, Lee Mayberry, Gene Hart, Gene Shell, JV Haney, Melvin Driver, Dr. Keith Ballard

2014 Inductees
Woody West, Jim Sellers, Gordon Morgan, Steve Bowling, Tatia Brown, Jimbo Elrod, Mike Fanning, Henry Johnson, Gary Moore, Kenny Monday, Michelle Scholtz, Dave Rader

2013 Inductees
Bill Allen, Ed Lacy, Wayman Tisdale, Grady Skillern, SE Williams, Gary Howard, Tony Casillas, Spencer Tillman, Brent Blackmon, Luther Pegues, Randy Hughes, Don Chandler, Reuben Gant, Rod Kilgore, Dr. Charles Mason

Current Committee Members
Gil Cloud - District Athletic Director
Mick Wilson - Assistant District Athletic Director
Madeline Manning Mims - Community Member
Chris Lincoln - Electronic Media
Barry Lewis - Print Media
Robert Sprague - Retired Coach & Athletic Director / HOF Member
Mike Mims - Retired Coach & Principal / HOF Member
Dave Rader - Alumni / HOF Member
JV Haney - Retired Coach & Athletic Director / HOF Member
Terrell Lester - Journalist & Historian
Kathy Kraft West - HOF Member



Athletic Hall Of Fame at Education Service Center
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